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Goodbye bingo wings July 4, 2009

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Got to see the physio this week after much pain and swelling. Good news is there is no ligament damage more like inflammation, not quite sure why though. Have to rest it completely for 2 weeks then can reintroduce running gradually 2 miles at a time maybe. Going to see him again in two weeks. I have to take my new and old trainers in said it may be the trainers. What!!! They are only 6 weeks old but makes sense that is when the injury started. I can do swimming and cycling which gives me an excuse to have an early birthday present a lovely trek bike my hubbie found for me. Felt a bit fed up stuck in all week not able to run and potty training my daughter, now that’s stressful!! Wee and poos I have never talked about them so much even in my line of work. lAll will be well I am sure I will get some serious training in for the Great North Run at some point soon.

On a lighter note have started a new challenge the http://runningbetty.com/pushing-the-limits-709 Its called Pushing the Limits. We have to do 100 consequetive press ups by end of July. Proper ones too not just girlie ones. That won’t affect my ankle and getting rid of the old bingo wings sounds fab. Jennifer Aniston arms here we come, or try to.


2 Responses to “Goodbye bingo wings”

  1. Chantal Says:

    Oooh pretty bike! Almost made me want one. Almost. Does it come in red . . . ?

  2. rachelontherun Says:

    Have re-done the link to the actual bike I want that one was very flash and prob very pricey. It is still very pretty but think it only comes in this colour and black. Get one bet Bella would love the back of it!!

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