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Success July 9, 2010

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Very busy week this week therefore could not get out for a run until thursday run club night. Sitting on the settee could quite easily have not gone. The excuses began in my head, I’ve had a really busy day only had 3 hours sleep after my night rushed around packing for holiday all day…While they are valid excuses I knew if I just went out for a run I would feel a whole lot better.

Dragged my sorry ass there to meet my friend Rachel and new running pals. Off we set plan to do 5 mile run tonight. Really looking forward to it as seem to be stuck in a 3 mile rut. Really good run went well didn’t struggle too much like I had been recently. Pretty route except for the stinking dead dog at the side of the road!! When we finished I felt like I could have kept going. Stats of run tricky because we stop and start a lot to wait for the group. My memory, whether it’s the blonde thing or post child thing, either way I could just about remember to stop my garmin and then kept forgetting to restart it straight away.

Off on hols now so going to run when away but will blog on return. Will miss run club they really push you along. Half Marathon training really begins on return.


Mile 1   11:10

Mile 2   10:40

Mile 3   11:20

Mile 4    10:52

Mile 5   10:42

Time taken: 53:64


Here goes!! July 4, 2010

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Thought I would give the whole blogging thing another go. Not going to recap on events since last post too much. All that needs to be said is that I did the Great North Run 09 after much pain from injured leg. Took 2hrs 40mins. Got £800 for the MS Society for my dads branch. Following the HM had a period of 3 months of no running and lots of treatments. Am now fitting fit again and have been out and about the last few months doing no more than 6 milers. Have also joined a running club and dragged a friend along with me, who has now caught the running bug, it is addictive.

New plan: Birmingham Half Marathon in October.

Training started today I want to do it in a better time than the last one. Aim 2hrs 15 at most. Heres hoping!!! I have a plan from Runners World to stick to. So figured taking into account work shifts 3 year old daughter and other committments should have plenty time to train.

It starts with 3 runs a week for 6 weeks thaen up to 4 runs a week. Going to try and fit in one cross training session a week too. Either swimming after work monday or cycle ride saturdays.

Today was a perfect morning for a run cool breeze, quiet sunday morning. Did 3 miles circuit to village. Lots of cyclists about today no other runners which is unusual. The pain started in my legs as normal and where as I am used to the chatter of running partner Rachel she couldn’t make it today (hangover), had the IPOD and my daydreaming trying to find patterns and pictures in the clouds. A favourite pasttime as a child. Whatever floats your boat I say.

My new running friend (Garmin forerunner 110) is a brilliant addition. I can now keep track of my pace which helps as I am normally as.slow.as.anything!! And get to keep a record on line love it.


Mile 1: 9:56

Mile2 : 9:39

Mile: 9:26

Really pleased with time tend to normally sit at 10-11 min/mile. Looks like I got quicker too but its up hill for first part.

Next run planned for either tues or wed. Tricky week as off on hols but plan to run lots whilst in Lakes.

More soon.


harder than expected July 5, 2009

A bit behind on the push the limits challenge but have been on nights and out for drinks with the girlies. Any excuse. Well just dropped and did 20 as they say except my 20 was more like 5-4-3-4 its so hard. Girlie press ups aren’t aloud think this is going to be unmanageable but fun trying. I initially thought it meant do 100 in a month and thought well I can do that. 100 in a row not so sure.  Through in a few sit ups for good measure too as still can’t run yet. Ankle feeling much better now though, a bit more rest should be back on. So get sponsoring me not going through this pain for nothing check out my fundraising page!!


Goodbye bingo wings July 4, 2009

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Got to see the physio this week after much pain and swelling. Good news is there is no ligament damage more like inflammation, not quite sure why though. Have to rest it completely for 2 weeks then can reintroduce running gradually 2 miles at a time maybe. Going to see him again in two weeks. I have to take my new and old trainers in said it may be the trainers. What!!! They are only 6 weeks old but makes sense that is when the injury started. I can do swimming and cycling which gives me an excuse to have an early birthday present a lovely trek bike my hubbie found for me. Felt a bit fed up stuck in all week not able to run and potty training my daughter, now that’s stressful!! Wee and poos I have never talked about them so much even in my line of work. lAll will be well I am sure I will get some serious training in for the Great North Run at some point soon.

On a lighter note have started a new challenge the http://runningbetty.com/pushing-the-limits-709 Its called Pushing the Limits. We have to do 100 consequetive press ups by end of July. Proper ones too not just girlie ones. That won’t affect my ankle and getting rid of the old bingo wings sounds fab. Jennifer Aniston arms here we come, or try to.


Pain, swelling and melodramatics June 29, 2009

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Feeling like poo today ankle really sore and swollen. On a 12 hour shift so that  doesn’t help. I have managed to organise a physio appointment for thursday through work. Looking forward to hearing what he has to say and what I can do to help. I feel like I should have done this ages ago instead of self helping.

I feel very disheartened and wonder whether I am going to have to pack in running altogether and whether I have done some serious damage.  Probably being a little dramatic but heh I am allowed every now and again. Maybe running is not all that good for you anyway!!


Timberhonger 10K or in my case 6K June 28, 2009

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I got up today raring to go. Really enjoyed my swim yesterday and even had a little go on the water slide in the fun pool. Ankle still a little sore after Thursdays run so did lots of stretching iced it for 20mins and dosed my self up with brufen. A beautiful day for it if not a little too hot i thought. Off we set to Bromsgrove.

The start of the race was good a beautiful place for a run. Got to 3K and much to my dismay my ankle started to hurt, pushed on then remembered what my hubbie said “stop if its too painful.” I then walked for a little and you had to turn and run two circuits of 2K before coming back to this point. I turned left to do a shorter run, couldn’t take the discomfort and pain plus the heat was unbearable. I then preseded to run/walk the  last  3K before finishing. So so so disappointed. A t least I got out for a run today I guess, but this bloody ankle is driving me mad.

Have found a few sports physios I am going to call tomorrow to see, got to get this sorted. I want to start improving not slowing down. Also when my running partner is back from her sunny holiday, lucky devil, we are going to go along to our local running club and give it a try.

Swim tomorrow night planned have to do 25 lengths after work.


Week 1: Great North Run Training June 27, 2009

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First scheduled days run went well did 4 miles, did my 40 sit ups and 20 press ups. Managed to fit it in between the torrential rain quite well actually so got the benefit of the fresh cool air.For some reason my ankle did hurt though not sure whether it is because of the gradual long hill incline with the route I take as opposed to the 7 miler the other day. Very annoying though fingers crossed for the 10K tomorrow.

I am going to go to the doctors this week to see if I can get to see a physio about it. It is going on for far too long now. All iced up and raring for tomorrow.

As part of my training plan I am going to fit in 2 swim days along with the 3 run days and Davina Wednesdays (Davinia Mccall DVD whilst my 2 year old naps at lunch). As it is so hot today and don’t want to ruin my ankle for tomorrow so just off out for a swim. I used to do a lot of swimming and really enjoyed it but its been a while since I went regularly. My plan is to do 20 lengths today and increase it each week.

I found on line a blog called JogBlog. Its a blog about running by a lady in london. very inspiring. In it she talks about  Juneathon a fitness schedule to do exercise every day throughout June.There are a number of people with blogs taking part  motivating each other. Having missed most of June I have signed up my interest for the Julyathon. I am yet to find out what this involves, watch this space.

Off to look at some hybrid bikes before my swim want to be able to pop out on it with daughter on the back thought it might be good fun and good for the environment how conscientious am I.